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Renovation, conservation, preservation… what’s the difference? And why does it matter for your build project? Read on to discover how our specialist conservation architects work with their clients to preserve the historical value of their properties.

  • Renovation means to repair and improve a property’s structure and aesthetic. The property, as it stands, is a base or starting point for the client and architect’s overall plan and does not restrict what can be to built around and upon the structure.
  • Preservation involves keeping a property from further damage or destruction. For example, this may include retaining the maximum building structure with minimal repairs.
  • Conservation architecture seeks to maintain and increase the value of buildings by conserving their historically and originally-built form and architectural elements.
  • And conserving a building’s historical quality is where our team of specialist conservation architects come in handy!

What is a conservation architect, and why would you need one?

A conservation architect specialises in designing environmentally sound architecture in keeping with the building’s historical setting. Conservation architecture involves many design aspects, including technical specialisation and construction methods that preserve and enhance the building’s natural characteristics.

The benefits of hiring a conservation architect for your project are numerous.

  • We thoroughly survey and research a property’s historical quality to understand areas of higher and lower significance as deemed by local trusts and planning permission authorities.
  • We aim to preserve and protect the historical character of buildings that are in keeping with the local community’s identity.
  • We successfully combine historic and modern methods of construction to restore and enhance the property’s structural quality and visual aesthetics.
  • We can help to prepare access statements and planning application documents for local governing bodies.

How important is it to conserve a building’s historical quality?

Maintaining and conserving historical buildings is beneficial for the local community and economy. It has less environmental impact than building new properties and provides a tangible link to the past, contributing to the area’s unique qualities.

Do I need to hire an architect for my conservation project?

Hiring a conservation architect will benefit your build project greatly. For example, suppose you’re creating a new space that might affect the exterior of your older property. In that case, we recommend getting in touch with our architectural specialists as we can ensure the work is done correctly, safely, and according to the local planning authority.

Repairing Historic Buildings with AWL

The conservation architects at AWL are qualified to assess listed buildings and recommend necessary repairs to ensure the property’s longevity. Operating as part of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, our chartered architects and surveyors understand the material needs of conservation projects. They will work alongside the project manager to ensure these details are upheld during construction.

If you’re looking for a conservation architect near you, get in touch with the experts at Architects Workshop Ltd. Find out more and enquire today!


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