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Sustainability is an essential consideration for modern architecture.

With staunch environmental standards offered by organisations such as LEED and BREEAM, responsible architects around the globe are driving sustainable practices to better the planet’s future. But what exactly is sustainable architecture?

Keep reading to discover how the experts at AWL are helping to build a better, more sustainable future through eco-friendly architectural design.

Construction and Carbon Footprint

According to the Environmental Audit Committee, the UK’s built environment is responsible for 25% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. Considering this, parliament have stated that the retrofit and reuse of buildings should be prioritised over new builds to keep the carbon locked in. EAC Chairman Phillipe Dunne comments:

“As in many other areas in the drive to net zero, the UK must have the green skills to make its low carbon future a reality.”

With the advent of new materials, technology, and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), the architectural industry is pushing this initiative forward for both conservative and new projects to ensure better and greener builds for the future.

AWL are Experts in Sustainable Architecture

From residential to commercial, ethical & sustainable builds are at the heart of AWL’s practice, as we’re committed to conserving the planet whilst making your property dreams a reality. We believe the importance of sustainable design can’t be understated, and the benefits of green builds are numerous.

The Benefits of Sustainable Architecture

  • Recycles waste materials and helps to reduce global pollution levels
  • Helps reduce the strain on natural resources and fuels
  • Increases material and water efficiency and improves air quality in and around the structure
  • Offers financial benefits, i.e., saving on electrical bills by using renewable technology such as solar-generated air conditioners and water pumps
  • Promotes higher property values and additional tax benefits
  • Reduces operational cost and maintenance of the property
  • Protects ecosystems and reduces inhabitants’ carbon footprint

Whether for new builds or sympathetic conservation and renovation projects, here at AWL, we offer a sustainable-led approach to the design process. Take a look at our latest cost-saving and energy-efficient modular builds here. Or find out more about our green conservation services here.

Do you require the help of a sustainability-led architect capable of utilising Modern Methods of Construction? Build your future today with Architects Workshop Ltd. Find out more and enquire today.


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