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In recent years, MMC, or Modern Methods of Construction, have grown in popularity, with an ever-increasing number of building projects taking advantage of the efficiencies gained in designing, manufacturing, and fabricating off-site.

But not many people know the benefits of expert architectural input in maximising aesthetic and structural intent whilst keeping to legislation and encouraging green construction.

Interested to find out more? Keep reading to discover how architects can maximise the benefits and potential of Modern Methods of Construction.

What is Modular Construction?

Modular construction or MMC builds use prefabricated units (or ‘modules’) created within a quality-controlled factory setting and transported to the building site ready for application. The benefits of modular structures are numerous, including:

  • Faster build times
  • Flexibility in reconfigurations, expansions and even relocations
  • Less disruption and increased safety on-site
  • Reliability and precision with reduced material waste
  • Higher-quality builds

Architectural Design for Modern Methods of Construction

The architect’s role in MMC extends beyond the remit of design. It offers expertise in utilising BIM, or building information modelling, to align the build to the fabrication process. The architect’s relationship with the manufacturer and construction team also facilitates a streamlined communication pathway between all parties allowing for efficient planning and execution.

Working alongside the modular manufacturer, preapproved architectural design of prefab constructions will:

  • Offer valuable structural insight that may lower costs and improve the construction schedule
  • Control and reduce transport and construction costs by optimising the modular key plan
  • Design for efficiency and reduced waste
  • Minimise risk and maximise flexibility in design options

Architects Workshop Ltd have designed many successful builds using MMC in various settings, including commercial and residential projects – including our M.A.D (Modular Affordable Dwelling) House! Check out our most recent and historic prefab designs below.

Modular Changing Rooms

Modular Affordable Dwelling MAD House

Portable Modular Unit

Modular Stadia Accommodation

Modular Medical Facility

Require an Architect for your Modular Build?

Have you considered utilising architectural expertise in your modular project? Perhaps you’re looking to learn more about the architect’s role in prefab design and MMC. In that case, get in touch with the AWL team today and don’t forget to connect with us on LinkedIn. We’ve got some exciting projects coming up soon utilising MMC, MC Eco and Tempo Housing – so make sure to follow along!

Do you require the help of an expert architect capable of utilising Modern Methods of Construction? Build your future today with Architects Workshop Ltd.



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